About us

Collectively we are known as WCS Team UK 2014, but there are a few individual parts that make up this whole!

I'm Lauren, a recent graduate and long-time cosplayer who is excited (and a little nervous) to be representing the UK in WCS this year. I'm interested in eSports, comic books and sleeping into the afternoon. Also I guess I write this blog now, too.

I'm Emi, an avid photographer and illustrator in-training. I love playing games, travelling, reading and eating mass amounts of cake. Being able to represent the UK at WCS is both exciting and daunting but I'm looking forward to seeing how our journey progresses throughout this blog~!

We decided to publish a blog with our thoughts and experiences throughout our journey to WCS, and hope to find the time to update it at least fairly frequently. Neither of us are journalists, and I'm definitely not winning any awards for my writing ability any time soon, but maybe you'll find it interesting enough to follow and hey - who knows, you might enjoy it!

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